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The fallout from the recession that began in 2008 and has continued through to mid-2010 has seriously hit the IT services companies that relied on large U.S. corporations such as GM, Lehman Brothers and AIG. Industry leaders have merged and consolidated leaving small- to mid-size corporations to struggle as they try to compete against large conglomerates with even larger budgets.

The companies that have thrived through this tough time have learned valuable lessons, streamlined operations and are utilizing the expertise of companies such as SPRYTek. These businesses are taking the opportunity to refocus their energy from self-preservation to profitability.

In the IT industry, mid-size IT services companies are well positioned to capitalize on new market opportunities due to their size, innovation and agility. Acquisition of new resources and skill-sets, available because of the downsizing of other companies, have allowed smart businesses to penetrate niche markets by acquiring and contracting with specialized firms that allow them to tailor services to customer needs.

The future of Managed IT Services will be in companies providing not one solution, but a comprehensive approach and go-to-market strategies of their clients. Decision-makers in the technology industry need to continue to push through 2010 and into 2011 by adopting best-practices, streamlining processes and maximizing potential.

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