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Does your system have less than 8 users? Is your system secure and free of viruses? Do you share your calendars throughout your company?

Above is a diagram with a series of short questions, to help identify potential issues for concern in regards to your company’s Server/Network infrastructure.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, we would love to talk to you! Your systems my not be working effectively and efficiently and may be putting your business at serious risk.

Please contact us at: info@sprytek.net to schedule a complimentary Server/Network Assessment. The assessment can be completed in just one sitting. A week or so after the assessment, we would schedule a meeting with you to present our findings and recommendations.

Are you taking proactive steps to help avoid a system outage?  Do you have a backup and contingency plan in place in case your system crashed and you needed to recover? You need to make sure your business will run smoothly and your data will be safe in any situation.

We look forward to talking to you soon.
SPRY Technologies

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Have you ever considered working with a consulting company? Every day SPRYTek works with businesses across the Southeast  US that like what we have to offer, but they ask if we can prove Return on Investement (ROI).  While what we bring to a business is often immeasurable in terms of employee growth and process improvement, Return on Investment is usually gauged differently by each customer’s expectations.  This is one reason we like to say, that SPRYTek’s value is determined by the results that our customers can measure.  For example, a testimonial from Chris Leab, President of a family entertainment firm, engaged SPRYTek to initially deliver a management of his business – and today we are totally involved in all aspects of improving their profitability.

“SPRYTek is providing marketing, research, sales training and management support to assist Funigan’s with our continued growth in the family entertainment sector” –President, Family Entertainment Firm

SPRYTek’s management  and consultants are senior-level leaders with years of experience in delivering solutions that assist customers with improving their financial bottom line.  SPRYTek is helping companies to motivate and focus their management teams on continuous improvement opportunities, assist in determining ways to increase customer activity increase sales revenue, improve operating efficiency and increase profits.

SPRYTek also has the resources that can help your business grow in terms of our people. Here are some bios of our key executives:

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is a Change Manager with an impressive record of streamlining business operations, and process reengineering, as well as developing and implementing innovative organizational change solutions to build industry leading service programs. Dan excels at building strong internal and external relationships and executing successful buy-in with clients.   

Larry Dukes

Larry Dukes is an Information Technology Executive with a successful track record of delivering business solutions and managing projects with excellent time and budgetary results.  Larry is recognized for consistently exceeding customer and management expectations, and his continued success is a result of assisting customers with achieving business excellence. In addition to possessing a strong work ethic, Larry is enthusiastic and possessive a sense of urgency toward accomplishing goals, which translates into efficient and effective decision making.

Rick Thibodeau

Rick Thibodeau is a results-oriented manager with a proven record as an Operations Manager, Management Consultant, Project Manager and Business Analyst in large-volume environments.  Rick brings to the team many strengths including expertise in process improvement, project management, team building, change management, cost control and financial performance using analytical and metrics-based methods growth.

SPRYTek has the capability to provide you with consultants who are seasoned experts, with experience in a myriad of disciplines. We will match your needs with the best team of professionals devoted to finding avenues for your business success. The return on your investment will be measured in process improvement, effective leadership and operational growth for years to come.

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With a company’s financial, management, and/or operational software, it is important to consider whether or not your software applications are up-to-date and all of the necessary features are being used to their maximum capabilities. This is the heart of your IT infrastructure, and your business will suffer without the right cogs and wheels working!  You should ask yourself a few basic questions to see if your systems are up-to-date:

  • Is there functionality missing that could automate redundant systems and inefficient processes?
  • Do you currently use several different software programs for tasks that can be handled by one program’s capabilities?
  • Are key features being used optimally?
  • Are you working with a subject matter expert to guide you through releases, upgrades, and audits?

If you answer no to these questions, then you are damaging the ROI of your company’s technical investment.

So what can you do?   When you work with SPRYTek, we will review the features within the current software including any recent updates that may be a part of the annual maintenance fee. We may work with you to create a work-flow detailing your organization’s key processes in order to identify those that could be eliminated or automated. In short, our expert consultants will be able to maximize your return on investment.

Sometimes, it is human nature to stick with the “tried and true”…We sometimes embrace new ideas, but cling to the old.  Businesses often keep out-dated practices as a matter of habit. Businesses often hemorrhage money on IT because they continue to upgrade applications when their existing systems are sufficient. An expert consultant will be able to analyze which functions you use daily, determine what can be upgraded and how to use the software to best suit your business.

The current economic climate represents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reduce their expenses by developing new software solutions, or better using what they have.  Don’t let the money you spend monthly not lead to increased revenue—work with SPRYTek – work with the experts.

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In today’s world, businesses have to employ new ways of thinking in order to grow. Traditional hierarchies and hiring and training strategies are no longer best practice. For small to mid-size companies, utilizing the experience of seasoned and expert professionals on a temporary contract basis, can increase sales and reduce costs, and help maintain high employee morale. When economies slow, or profits begin to drop, all too often businesses feel they need to look at reduction in force as a way to increase ROI. Unfortunately, this may be just a short-term fix, hampering the long-term plans for growth, profits, and the ability to stay ahead of the competition.

In growing companies, new product development processes, methods for streamlining and new technology are leading the way. Positive growth and change is happening for those businesses that are able to bring on experienced expert resources.  But let’s face it: It is expensive to hire and train new employees! CFO2Grow reports up to 30% of position’s salary can be spent on just the cost of hiring—and that does not account for training and benefits. Yet, a short-term dedicated consultant resource can provide training, technology and expertise to your team. Furthermore a consultant can identify inefficient, ineffective, non-value added activities as a means to reduce costs.

Most important in today’s economy is to continue searching for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation.  SPRYTek’s consultants are tasked with the job of discovering money-saving opportunities and to prepare and train your current staff to be able to utilize the new tools that are built to create a more efficient work flow. The value in a consultant is measured in cost reduction, results and efficiencies. Your return on investment is delivered to you many times over as your consultant is able to make significant advances in business optimization.

If you are interested in learning more about how working with a consultant can benefit your organization, we recommend the SPRYTek complementary Discovery Phase. Through this proprietary Discover Phase, SPRYTek is able to provide you with a birds-eye, objective view of where opportunities for process improvement exist. By undertaking this assessment, you will be able to recognize the potential for improvement and the ROI that can be obtained when using our consultant services.

Consultant services are an investment in your businesses future. Take this opportunity to eliminate the inefficiencies that are holding you back from substantial growth and profitability. Check out the SPRYTek website for more information about our business services.

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