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How would you rate your business’s current performance tracking tools? If you would give yourself a high rating in tracking performance, I would also imagine that you have realized the benefits of doing so. If you would not give yourself or your business a high rating in regards to daily/weekly/monthly/yearly performance, I would say that’s because you have not yet seen the value of doing so!

With our clients, shortly after developing a few simple tools for tracking the business’s Sales and Costs, the client is able to see where they have improvement opportunities and can take corrective actions to capitalize on them. Tools to use for this can range from ERP systems, company databases or Excel worksheets. Reports can then be established to show performance in the Key Result Areas on a daily or weekly basis (or, in fact, for any date range of your choice). Comparing actual results vs. the previous period and also compared to goals, will help you clearly identify improvement opportunities to increase sales, decrease costs and improve profits.

Typically, after a couple of months of recording, tracking, and evaluating performance metrics, a business leader is able to start realizing sales increases and/or cost reductions, in excess of 13%. Contact Rick Thibodeau or Larry Dukes today, to learn more about how SPRYTek can help you set up your own tracking, reporting and evaluation tools, and assist you in achieving your goals.


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With a company’s financial, management, and/or operational software, it is important to consider whether or not your software applications are up-to-date and all of the necessary features are being used to their maximum capabilities. This is the heart of your IT infrastructure, and your business will suffer without the right cogs and wheels working!  You should ask yourself a few basic questions to see if your systems are up-to-date:

  • Is there functionality missing that could automate redundant systems and inefficient processes?
  • Do you currently use several different software programs for tasks that can be handled by one program’s capabilities?
  • Are key features being used optimally?
  • Are you working with a subject matter expert to guide you through releases, upgrades, and audits?

If you answer no to these questions, then you are damaging the ROI of your company’s technical investment.

So what can you do?   When you work with SPRYTek, we will review the features within the current software including any recent updates that may be a part of the annual maintenance fee. We may work with you to create a work-flow detailing your organization’s key processes in order to identify those that could be eliminated or automated. In short, our expert consultants will be able to maximize your return on investment.

Sometimes, it is human nature to stick with the “tried and true”…We sometimes embrace new ideas, but cling to the old.  Businesses often keep out-dated practices as a matter of habit. Businesses often hemorrhage money on IT because they continue to upgrade applications when their existing systems are sufficient. An expert consultant will be able to analyze which functions you use daily, determine what can be upgraded and how to use the software to best suit your business.

The current economic climate represents a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reduce their expenses by developing new software solutions, or better using what they have.  Don’t let the money you spend monthly not lead to increased revenue—work with SPRYTek – work with the experts.

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Successful businesses know that in order to get ahead they need to take a critical look at their bottom line. The reality of business today is that creative cost-cutting measures, reduction in force and elimination of non-critical functions are all being implemented in companies across the country. Required budget cuts in IT departments are no exception. Financial constraints have IT Directors working hard to focus attention on high-value activities and looking for cost-effective solutions.

Does your organization spend time, resources and money that keep you away from focusing on ROI and getting trapped in a cycle that doesn’t let you move forward?

SPRYTek assists companies in using the resources that they have, such as CRM, Lawson and JD Edwards, but use it more effectively.  For example, are you using the full-functionality of your primary business applications?  The majority of companies only use 65% of an application’s full functionality and then departments create “work-arounds” to address the issues that are not being solved.  We find that more effective utilization of your applications can improve effectiveness by over 15%. By using the applications that you already have—more efficiently, you can save yourself time and money, resulting in more to your bottom line.

Additional training and consultation can help your department function at a higher level, with minimal additional investment. If you are interested in learning how SPRYTek can assist you with maximizing the potential in the applications that your business already uses, and simultaneously cutting operational costs, give us a call at 866-980-7779.

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Saving money and creating opportunities for higher return on investments are key objectives for most businesses. Yet, it is often difficult to recognize cost reduction opportunities within your own organization. Day-to-day operations, office politics, old technology and deeply ingrained routines can hamper objectivity. Many times it takes a unique perspective, someone outside of your industry, someone who can be an impartial expert, to be able to find the possibilities. Everything from streamlining processes to using better tools can make an enormous difference in effectiveness, and oftentimes an outside consultant can provide the recommendations you need to make your business run more smoothly.

SPRY Technologies (SPRYTek) employs a unique Discovery Phase which has been developed over many years of intensive consulting experience with businesses across the East Coast.  We utilize this process to provide our partners with a complementary overview of 1-2 areas of their operations, complete with report and recommendations for next steps.

Our best-of-breed Discovery Phase will involve a cost reduction specialist who will take the time to interview the business stake holders and subject matter experts as well as review the current technology, work-flow process and identified pain points. This high-level review step is valuable to both us and the client—giving all involved a clearer understanding of what opportunities exist for process improvement and potential cost savings.

Choosing the right consulting company will add significant value to your business, product, and team. You need to work with experts who have the know-how to save you money. Our Discovery Phase positions SPRYTek to provide the optimal solutions and give you the ideal opportunity to see where you can cut costs and increase productivity. Invest in a company who offers the thought-leadership high-level experience you need, and provides you with the ability to recognize where you should focus your resources to produce the most significant results.

For more information on SPRYTek’s Discovery Phase, please go to our website.

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