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SPRY Technologies, Inc (SPRYTek) recently joined the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Rick Thibodeau, Managing Partner and Mike Hampton, Vice President Marketing participated in a ribbon cutting at the Rock Hill Chamber on Thursday February 17, 2011. 

SPRYTek continues to grow and believes the Rock Hill, SC and surrounding communities provides a great opportunity to expand our services.


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We have seen a significant increase in the interest in IT Managed Services as businesses are looking for ways to streamline processes while increasing effectiveness. Today’s business needs to focus on the their core products and services and IT Managed Services makes this a reality.” – Larry Dukes, SPRY Technologies

As the international business community continues to pick up the pieces from the recession, companies have chosen significant streamlining of operations. Currently the immediate future looks positive, with some light shining through at the end of the tunnel. Businesses are starting to hire again, there is a movement to refocus on not just surviving, but making a profit.

Through this worldwide recession and the competitive market, companies have come to realize the importance of making the optimum use of their IT infrastructure and finding innovative ways to cut costs. Reuters Service predicts that over 21% of companies will choose an outside organization to manage their network environment to save on costs in the coming years. The consolidation and budgeting of resources means that these companies are now positioned to enjoy the benefits of strategic partnerships. Businesses now must run on leaner and more efficient budgets, as companies continue to maximize return on investment and operational expenditure.

We see a bright future for IT Managed Services with companies working at creating leaner business models, setting up strategic alliances and managing budgets, while simultaneously looking to ensure that they provide quality services to their users. The Managed Services providers (MSPs) are becoming a valuable resource for the companies looking to thrive.

IT Managed services are a fast growing best practice for modern businesses. SPRYTek is assisting customers in reducing their Network Costs by over 14%. If you are interested in learning  more about how SPRYtek can assist you with your IT Managed Services needs, please give us a call at 866-980-7779.

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Do you feel as if your company is always putting out fires? Get ahead of the crisis-cycle by anticipating the challenges your growing business will address ahead of time. SPRYTek’s unique set of experience and expert consultants has the ability to share with you the leading indicators, best practices and team building that will give your business the tools it needs to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

If you have the skills to anticipate potential problems before they arise, even plan ahead so little to no unforeseen issues could hamper progress, then you can compete with the major players in your industry. We take the best practices of the Fortune 500 and apply them to your business in a custom but scalable fashion that makes you proactive instead of reactive.

Empower your team to become aware of potential obstacles before they happen through proper training and accountability. By giving your employees the ability to flag an impending crisis, you will be able to address and resolve the challenge and move forward—ultimately saving time and money.

You do not have to go it alone when it comes to growing your business. With the assistance of expert resources, your business can save time, money and succeed. Let SPRYTek’s team work with you to put together the best strategy and processes for you.

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Business today needs to be supported by a structure that is in charge of, and defines process standards, and to do this, many organizations are now turning to PMO. Program Management Office (PMO) is the department (or group) which is charged with standardizing and executing a business’ projects. An organization’s project management needs to be managed, documented and measured in addition to just completing a task—and that is one of the benefits of PMO.

Effective project management should be based on the accepted, industry standard methodologies such as PMBOK or PRINCE2. Increasingly, industry certification programs are becoming influential such as ISO9000 and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA). The government regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley have incited organizations to standardize processes, and increasingly the best practices of organizations around the globe are being adopted.

Here are some statistics: (Standish Group Chaos Report, 1995)

  • 90% of projects do not meet time, cost, or quality targets.
  • Only 9% of large, 16% of medium and 28% of small company projects were completed on time, within budget and delivered measurable business and stakeholder benefits.

In our own research, technology is not the most critical factor for businesses success! Inadequate project management implementation constitutes approximately 1/3 of project failures, communication challenges account for about 1/5 of failure and unfamiliarity with scope and complexity constitutes almost 1/5 as well. That means that the majority of project failures are due to lack of and/or improper implementation of project management methodologies.

Establishing a PMO group is not a short-term strategy to lower costs, but rather a comprehensive plan for achieving better results—which could lead to lower costs!  

PMOs may take other functions beyond standards and methodology, and participate in Strategic Project Management either as facilitator or actively as owner of the Portfolio Management process. Tasks may include monitoring and reporting on active projects, following up on projects until completion, and reporting progress to top management for strategic decisions on what projects to continue or cancel.

If you are interested in learning how PMO can help your organization become more productive as well as adhere to the industry best-practices, please contact us at 866-980-7779.

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Every cloud has a silver lining. But does cloud computing have a green lining? YES!

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, where shared resources like software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand. Where the actual term “cloud computing” came from is unknown … just like “blogging,”  and other Internet technologies there’s always a collectiveness and collaboration, even down to the naming process!

Cloud computing has become a phenomenon and received massive press attention just like “Web 2.0” and it has experienced rapid and early adoption just like Java. Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption and delivery model for IT services based on the Internet, and it typically involves the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet. A typical cloud computing solution included the delivery of a common business applications online which is accessed from another web service or software (such as a web browser), while the software and data are stored on servers.

Most cloud computing infrastructure consists of reliable, predictable and scalable services delivered through data centers and built on servers. Clouds often appear as single points of access for all consumers’ computing needs.Essentially, cloud computing means running software and accessing data that reside somewhere else.  Ultimately, cloud computing solves a dilemma that almost every company faces: Lack of budget dollars to truly improve a business’s competitive position in the marketplace.  

If it hasn’t happened already, in all likelihood, someone in your company in the next year will make a request for at least one on-demand application.  Your company’s first encounter with cloud computing will probably be driven by a need to save, (or not spend) money. However, within a few months of the first launch, you’ll begin to see opportunities where you once saw challenges.  You’ll see the benefits of the cloud, and find that moving your data to the cloud actually improves security, scalability, access, and disaster recovery. 

The primary reasons why most companies are giving cloud computing a try is simply cost saving.  But here are other tangible reasons you should “get on the cloud”:

 Low start-up costs 
 Low cost for occasional or sporadic use
 Ease of management
 Scalability 
 Device and location independence  & security
 Rapid innovation 

You need to think of any technology  purchase in terms of ROI.  You need to consider: software licensing, change management, security considerations, data protection and backup, risks of downtime, provider stability and reliability, integration issues, workflows, training, time to value, and ease of use.  Cloud computer requires the same careful thought process before the investment is made.

Users of cloud computing gain more than just an e-mail management system, or instant messaging, calendar scheduling, or word processing–there is so much that can be gained from the productivity and effectiveness–not to mention ease of use from working on the could. 

Companies adopt cloud computing in one form or another discover the benefits almost immediately.  Beyond lower costs and quick set-up, there is little additional and unexpected costs. Little if any process re-engineering needs to take place. Most companies that have moved to working with cloud computing have seen dramatic benefits, especially cost, but including:

  • Overcoming organizational barriers.
  • Innovation
  • Reduction in costs in other services & software
  • Fosters an environment of collaboration

Cloud computing has changed the way small and mid-sized businesses operate, more than any other technology innovation in years. By providing businesses with the ability to deploy websites and applications quickly, to pay-as-you-go and leave all the management issues to someone else, cloud computing makes for a leaner business that can react faster to challenges and opportunities–a necessity in today’s business climate!

If you would like more information on how you can use cloud computing in your business – give SPRYTek a call at 866-980-7779.

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SPRYTek’s Project Management experience can help you learn to create “just the right level of project management” processes from which you can receive benefit in your organization.

Businesses around the world are defining project management best practices and are increasingly assigning the PMO to exercise overall influence and thought leadership to continual organizational improvement. An effective Program Management Office will support the business by optimizing the process and minimizing time and cost over runs—minimizing risks and maximizing results.

The SPRYTek PMO strives to standardize and introduce systems in the execution of projects within a partner’s organization. If you would like to learn more about how PMO can help grow your business, please check out our website.

SPRY Technologies (SPRYTek) headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina delivers quality IT solutions with a cost competitive approach that is based on building and maintaining strong and ongoing relationships with our customers. SPRYTek offers software development project management, business intelligence, strategy, Sharepoint and Agile services through the use of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced IT consultants.  

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Saving money and creating opportunities for higher return on investments are key objectives for most businesses. Yet, it is often difficult to recognize cost reduction opportunities within your own organization. Day-to-day operations, office politics, old technology and deeply ingrained routines can hamper objectivity. Many times it takes a unique perspective, someone outside of your industry, someone who can be an impartial expert, to be able to find the possibilities. Everything from streamlining processes to using better tools can make an enormous difference in effectiveness, and oftentimes an outside consultant can provide the recommendations you need to make your business run more smoothly.

SPRY Technologies (SPRYTek) employs a unique Discovery Phase which has been developed over many years of intensive consulting experience with businesses across the East Coast.  We utilize this process to provide our partners with a complementary overview of 1-2 areas of their operations, complete with report and recommendations for next steps.

Our best-of-breed Discovery Phase will involve a cost reduction specialist who will take the time to interview the business stake holders and subject matter experts as well as review the current technology, work-flow process and identified pain points. This high-level review step is valuable to both us and the client—giving all involved a clearer understanding of what opportunities exist for process improvement and potential cost savings.

Choosing the right consulting company will add significant value to your business, product, and team. You need to work with experts who have the know-how to save you money. Our Discovery Phase positions SPRYTek to provide the optimal solutions and give you the ideal opportunity to see where you can cut costs and increase productivity. Invest in a company who offers the thought-leadership high-level experience you need, and provides you with the ability to recognize where you should focus your resources to produce the most significant results.

For more information on SPRYTek’s Discovery Phase, please go to our website.

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