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Have you ever considered working with a consulting company? Every day SPRYTek works with businesses across the Southeast  US that like what we have to offer, but they ask if we can prove Return on Investement (ROI).  While what we bring to a business is often immeasurable in terms of employee growth and process improvement, Return on Investment is usually gauged differently by each customer’s expectations.  This is one reason we like to say, that SPRYTek’s value is determined by the results that our customers can measure.  For example, a testimonial from Chris Leab, President of a family entertainment firm, engaged SPRYTek to initially deliver a management of his business – and today we are totally involved in all aspects of improving their profitability.

“SPRYTek is providing marketing, research, sales training and management support to assist Funigan’s with our continued growth in the family entertainment sector” –President, Family Entertainment Firm

SPRYTek’s management  and consultants are senior-level leaders with years of experience in delivering solutions that assist customers with improving their financial bottom line.  SPRYTek is helping companies to motivate and focus their management teams on continuous improvement opportunities, assist in determining ways to increase customer activity increase sales revenue, improve operating efficiency and increase profits.

SPRYTek also has the resources that can help your business grow in terms of our people. Here are some bios of our key executives:

Dan Roberts

Dan Roberts is a Change Manager with an impressive record of streamlining business operations, and process reengineering, as well as developing and implementing innovative organizational change solutions to build industry leading service programs. Dan excels at building strong internal and external relationships and executing successful buy-in with clients.   

Larry Dukes

Larry Dukes is an Information Technology Executive with a successful track record of delivering business solutions and managing projects with excellent time and budgetary results.  Larry is recognized for consistently exceeding customer and management expectations, and his continued success is a result of assisting customers with achieving business excellence. In addition to possessing a strong work ethic, Larry is enthusiastic and possessive a sense of urgency toward accomplishing goals, which translates into efficient and effective decision making.

Rick Thibodeau

Rick Thibodeau is a results-oriented manager with a proven record as an Operations Manager, Management Consultant, Project Manager and Business Analyst in large-volume environments.  Rick brings to the team many strengths including expertise in process improvement, project management, team building, change management, cost control and financial performance using analytical and metrics-based methods growth.

SPRYTek has the capability to provide you with consultants who are seasoned experts, with experience in a myriad of disciplines. We will match your needs with the best team of professionals devoted to finding avenues for your business success. The return on your investment will be measured in process improvement, effective leadership and operational growth for years to come.


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How would you rate your business’s current performance tracking tools? If you would give yourself a high rating in tracking performance, I would also imagine that you have realized the benefits of doing so. If you would not give yourself or your business a high rating in regards to daily/weekly/monthly/yearly performance, I would say that’s because you have not yet seen the value of doing so!

With our clients, shortly after developing a few simple tools for tracking the business’s Sales and Costs, the client is able to see where they have improvement opportunities and can take corrective actions to capitalize on them. Tools to use for this can range from ERP systems, company databases or Excel worksheets. Reports can then be established to show performance in the Key Result Areas on a daily or weekly basis (or, in fact, for any date range of your choice). Comparing actual results vs. the previous period and also compared to goals, will help you clearly identify improvement opportunities to increase sales, decrease costs and improve profits.

Typically, after a couple of months of recording, tracking, and evaluating performance metrics, a business leader is able to start realizing sales increases and/or cost reductions, in excess of 13%. Contact Rick Thibodeau or Larry Dukes today, to learn more about how SPRYTek can help you set up your own tracking, reporting and evaluation tools, and assist you in achieving your goals.

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