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Does your system have less than 8 users? Is your system secure and free of viruses? Do you share your calendars throughout your company?

Above is a diagram with a series of short questions, to help identify potential issues for concern in regards to your company’s Server/Network infrastructure.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, we would love to talk to you! Your systems my not be working effectively and efficiently and may be putting your business at serious risk.

Please contact us at: info@sprytek.net to schedule a complimentary Server/Network Assessment. The assessment can be completed in just one sitting. A week or so after the assessment, we would schedule a meeting with you to present our findings and recommendations.

Are you taking proactive steps to help avoid a system outage?  Do you have a backup and contingency plan in place in case your system crashed and you needed to recover? You need to make sure your business will run smoothly and your data will be safe in any situation.

We look forward to talking to you soon.
SPRY Technologies

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SPRY Technologies of Charlotte and Raleigh IT Availability Network Assessment

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Spry Technologies of Charlotte is proud to be able to announce the addition of QC and SEM/SEO services to customers who launch multiple websites.

QC: It is difficult to catch everything when launching a site. Does it work on all current popular browsers? Are all links functional? Do the pictures load quickly? Is the spelling correct? Having a second, (or third) set of eyes on a site before going live can save you from downtime, and potential embarrassment! Our trained Quality Control Team will run your site(s) through a series of tests to make sure the site that you launch is worthy of your name and reputation. Don’t launch a site without Quality Control!

SEM: Be found! The purpose of having a website is to share your message and drive traffic. Our expert Search Engine Marketing Consultant Team will review your site for opportunities for increased Search Engine Friendliness and set you up on the SE Locals (BING, Yahoo!, Google) for maximum exposure.

SpryTek is able to provide these unique services to our customers throughout the country, and we are happy to work with you on back-log and on a one-time basis or on an ongoing contractual basis.

For more information, please check out our IT Services Page.

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New Year Promotion!

It’s a new year and you should start it off right! For a limited time, SPRY Technologies of Charlotte and Raleigh are offering IT SUPPORT TIME blocks at our LOW special rate of $55/Hr
…an unbelievable 35% discount.

Our expert IT Consultants are MS Certified Engineers and will provide systems analysis, desktop/network support, application upgrades, monitoring and back-ups.

What’s the catch? Well, you have to HURRY!
This special offer expires for purchase on January 31, 2011 and must be used by December 31, 2011.

This discount can be applied when pre-scheduled for Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm, and can be purchased in blocks of 10 hours, with a maximum of 50 hours per customer. Restrictions apply. Contact info@sprytek.net for details.

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SPRY Technologies of Charlotte is pleased to announce the award of a contract to provide services under the Short-Term IT Staffing Contract No. ITS-002441-OE3 for the state of North Carolina. State contracts are highly sought after and SPRYTEK is amongst a select group of vendors that have met the NC State requirements.

SPRYTek will provide Short-Term IT Staffing / Open Enrollment services to the State of North Carolina and associated agencies, (state offices, community colleges, universities, institutions, counties, municipalities, public schools, and other local governmental entities).

SPRYTek VP, Business Process Management (Rick Thibodeau) will oversee the measurement the quality of services delivered to ITS using Quality Deficiency Reports, Performance Reviews, and personal interviews.

The SPRYTek Account Manager (Dan Roberts) and the ITS Business Unit Director will meet on a regular basis to ensure that SPRYTek is able to deliver requested services while meeting customer expectations regarding cost.

SPRYTek develops staffing resources (pre-screened candidates) to ensure a timely response to ITS service requests.  SPRYTek utilizes technical evaluation software, to ensure a non-biased, technical evaluation (at no additional cost to ITS).  Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance (CIQA) processes ensure that SPRYTek adjusts business processes/procedures to meet individual customer expectations.  CIQA policies and procedures follow SPRYTek quality guidelines and deliver client business goals/objectives.  Since the implementation of the CIQA approach, SPRYTek has strengthened all client relationships.

Rick Thibodeau concluded, saying: “SPRYTek continues to expand throughout North Carolina and across the East Coast. Being awarded as a North Carolina State vendor solidifies our foothold and allows us to provide quality services to a broader base of clientele. We are very pleased.”

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In addition to Business Process Improvement, IT Consulting and POS, SPRY Technologies of Charlotte has added Custom Website Design and Development, Testing and Search Engine Marketing to its menu of services.

“This growth in our services represents our commitment to providing our clients with a full range of IT Services,” said Larry Dukes, SPRYTek Executive Vice President of Operations. “We see a significant need amongst our client base for a comprehensive solution, and we are very excited to have the expertise and resources to be able to assist our customers effectively and efficiently.

The SPRYTek Design and Development team creates custom-made aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable and highly functional websites. These web-enabled tools will integrate with the client’s legacy or point of sale systems, provide e-commerce solutions, and be power-house systems to make businesses run.

The SPRYTek Search Engine Optimization team works to provide online marketing solutions and opportunities to our web design customers and those clients with under-preforming pre-existing sites. Basic code level and on-site optimization will be done, and recommendations made including looking at upgrades to content and functionality. Listings with backlinks will be created or edited in order to provide the most search engine optimized and friendly site possible while maintaining the integrity of the design and message of the site.

Please contact us for more information about SPRYTek, web design, development or search engine optimization. We can be reached at our Charlotte, NC headquarters at 866-980-7779 or info@sprytek.net.

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We have seen a significant increase in the interest in IT Managed Services as businesses are looking for ways to streamline processes while increasing effectiveness. Today’s business needs to focus on the their core products and services and IT Managed Services makes this a reality.” – Larry Dukes, SPRY Technologies

As the international business community continues to pick up the pieces from the recession, companies have chosen significant streamlining of operations. Currently the immediate future looks positive, with some light shining through at the end of the tunnel. Businesses are starting to hire again, there is a movement to refocus on not just surviving, but making a profit.

Through this worldwide recession and the competitive market, companies have come to realize the importance of making the optimum use of their IT infrastructure and finding innovative ways to cut costs. Reuters Service predicts that over 21% of companies will choose an outside organization to manage their network environment to save on costs in the coming years. The consolidation and budgeting of resources means that these companies are now positioned to enjoy the benefits of strategic partnerships. Businesses now must run on leaner and more efficient budgets, as companies continue to maximize return on investment and operational expenditure.

We see a bright future for IT Managed Services with companies working at creating leaner business models, setting up strategic alliances and managing budgets, while simultaneously looking to ensure that they provide quality services to their users. The Managed Services providers (MSPs) are becoming a valuable resource for the companies looking to thrive.

IT Managed services are a fast growing best practice for modern businesses. SPRYTek is assisting customers in reducing their Network Costs by over 14%. If you are interested in learning  more about how SPRYtek can assist you with your IT Managed Services needs, please give us a call at 866-980-7779.

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